Survivor Story

Pliny The Youngers Letter
The ground shook beneath our feet and the sea looked like it was being sucked backwards. Many Sea Creatures were left on the sand beached by the sucked out sea. Behind us were terrifying black clouds. At the top of Mt Vesuvius there was a huge fire that looked like lightning but bigger. At that point our Spanish friend urged us "If your brother and uncle are alive, he wants you to be safe. If he is dead, he wanted you to survive . So why are you reluctant to escape?" We responded we would not look to our own safety as long as we were uncertain about his. We hurried him along at a fast pace away from the danger behind us. The cloud now spread down to the sea smothering everything in thick black fog. Then my mother urged and begged me that I should flee and leave her behind. She said “A young man like you can make it but my age and fitness is letting me down. Go, and leave me to fend for myself.” I took her hand and led her walking a little bit faster. She blamed herself for slowing me down but she still followed me.
Now the dust came although it was still thin at this point. I looked behind me to see a thick black cloud looming closer pouring across the land like a huge flood.  The street was full of people and it was then I said to my Mother “Lets move aside while we can see instead of being knocked over by the crowd of people. So we moved off the road and sat down. On the street we could hear the cries and shouts of people looking for their families, while others just screamed in fright. Some people raised their heads to the gods muttering silent prayers. It was so dark it was like being in a windowless room with no light. The ash was falling thickly now. Eventually it grew lighter but it didn’t feel like the light of the day, it felt more like the light of the fire approaching us. The fire actually stopped quite a long way behind us but now the ash was falling really thick and fast we had to stand up so the weight didn’t crush us. At last the ash thinned out until it was no more a thick black cloud but more like smoke. We returned to Misenum find food and water but we refused to leave until we heard news of our uncle.
You will read what I have written no doubt but you won't rewrite this because this is not the material of history.