Tuesday, 22 November 2011

How can you be prepared for an volcanic eruption?

Firstly to be prepared for a volcanic eruption you need to have a plan of what you and your family are going to do if there is a volcanic eruption. It is likely that when it happens your family will be apart so make sure your plan is understood by every one.
Secondly you need to have an emergency kit with essential thing to survive in it.
Your kit should include:
Flashlight and extra batteries
First aid kit and manual
Emergency food and water for up to 3 days
Non-electric can opener
Essential medicines
Dust mask for every body in your family
Sturdy shoes 
Pet food for your pets
Extra water for your pets
A battery powered radio so you can listen to updates plus extra batteries
Extra warm clothes and blankets
You should always listen to authoroties and follow their instructions.
If you are caught in a volcanic eruption here is what you should do:
If you are caught indoors:
Close all windows and doors
Put all machinery inside a garage or barn.
Bring animals into closed shelters.
If you are trapped outdoors:
try to seek shelter indoors.
If caught in a rockfall, roll into a ball to protect your head.
If caught near a stream, be aware of mudflows. Move up higher, especially if you hear the roar of a mudflow.
How to protect yourself during ashfall:
Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants.
Use goggles to protect your eyes.
Use a dust mask or hold a damp cloth over your face to help breathing. You don't want to breathe in ash as it is extremerly bad for your respiratory system and your body.
Keep car or truck engines off.

If you are told to evacuate listen to goverment officals and take your emergency kit with you if you can.
Beaware that if you take your pet with you the emergency shelter might not allow pets.


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